DC Public Service Commission grants OPC's request to hold additional community hearing regarding Pepco/DDOT's joint Triennial Application

***Important Second UPDATE***

 The DC Public Service Commission will convene a final community hearing to receive comments from the public regarding the 3-year Power Line Undergrounding Plan on:

September 9, 2014 - 6 p.m.

D.C. Public Service Commission
Hearing Room
1333 H Street, NW, 7th Floor East Tower
Washington, DC 20005

In response to an oral request by People's Counsel Sandra Mattavous-Frye made during the July 23, 2014, Triennial-Application community hearing, D.C. Public Service Commission ("Commission" or "PSC") Chairman Betty Anne Kane has announced that the Commission will hold one additional community hearing. The purpose of this additional community hearing is to give concerned residents who were unable to attend the previously scheduled community hearings (due to summer vacations or otherwise) an opportunity to provide oral comments regarding Pepco/DDOT's nearly $1 Billion electric reliability upgrade or "Power Line Undergrounding," plan.

The PSC requests participants observe the following:

Those who wish to testify at the community hearing should contact the Commission Secretary by the close of business September 4, 2014, by calling (202) 626-5150. Representatives of organizations shall be permitted a maximum of five minutes for oral presentations. Individuals shall be permitted a maximum of three minutes for oral presentations. If an organization or an individual is unable to offer comments at the community hearings, written statements may be submitted by September 15, 2014 to the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia, 1333 H Street, NW, Suite 200, West Tower, Washington DC 20005.

Any person who is deaf or hearing-impaired, and cannot readily understand or communicate in spoken English, and persons with disabilities who need special accommodations in order to participate in the hearing, must contact the Commission Secretary by close of business, seven days prior to the date of the hearing. Persons who wish to testify in Spanish, Chinese, Amharic, or Korean must also contact the Commission Secretary by close of business three business days before the day of the hearing. The number to call to request special accommodations and interpretation services is (202) 626-5150.


Updated information can be found at www.opc-dc.gov and at www.dcpsc.org.  We strongly encourage you to come out to indicate your interest, ask questions and raise your concerns about the proposed plan.